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Learn Acrylic Pouring with me!

Ever wonder what happens at an Acrylic Pouring Workshop?

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore!

Come join us! The studio is OPEN, and we're having social-distanced classes every 2 weeks!

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Believe that creativity is within

"For 52 years, I believed I was incapable of creating anything resembling art.

A few months ago, some friends invited me to go to a class at a studio in Doylestown. It was one of those fun workshops where you bring snacks and learn something fun.

I went, still very skeptical of my ability to do anything with a canvas and paint, then I met Laura C. Bray.

She made everything easy and enjoyable. She showed us 3 techniques and walked us through the process. She was funny, smart, and a delightful teacher. We each made our own painting and my life was changed forever! Laura was so supportive and helpful.
Since that time, I have turned my family room into a home art studio.

I have created over 40 paintings and have already sold some. I am posting videos of my process and people love my work.

I owe it all to Laura and her class.

Thank you for changing my life for the better! "
Cooper Smith

These are some of the ART Supplies that I use and love

Purchasing anything from my lists will earn me a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

I hope that you will find some value in here! This helps to support my business.

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