Happy Winter Solstice                         2018

                On Friday, December 21st 2018 ,The Northern Hemisphere people celebrate the Winter Solstice, the beginning of astronomical winter. The shortest day of the year, and a long and cozy night to stay up with family, friends, good food, warm drinks; stories and games.

Coincidentally, December’s Full Cold Moon/ Long Nights Moon— will also appear on the night of the 21st, though it will not be at its absolute peak until the next day. So, keep your eyes peeled for a (near) Winter Solstice Full Moon that night! (Believe it or not, the next full Moon to actually peak on the winter solstice won’t be until 2094!)

                "Away from it all"

Seasonal Garage Door Mural

Click the images below for a closer look.

Seasonal Garage Door Mural

           This is the second on of my "seasonal" murals; and I gotta tell you folks- order it early next year, because fingers get a bit stiff painting in the pre-winter temps... Ironically, I was waiting for a warm day to go out to paint frost on a window. 

  Featuring the Aurora borealis, lighting up the scene as our friendly campers are roasting chestnuts and marshmallows by the bonfire, telling stories and jokes, sharing philosophy and insights on a background of a mysterious evergreen forest. A friendly, warm scene; seen through a window with frosty edges.

                 Enjoy it, and stay posted for the next Seasonal Spring Mural! 


                                             Until then,

        A very Joyful Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year from all of us at                                                   Mural Dreams!


PS: write me a message with any questions you may have!