Trust the Flow

You probably thought that I was joking when I said "weekly newsletter"-and you were right!😀Not even bi-weekly... I've been slacking -I know, but here I am now- a month later, offering you a juicy letter with much to report.

Nov 22- Dec 12

We had our second "Sip wine and Pour paint" Flow art workshop on Nov. 22nd, and it was outrageously entertaining!

We had newcomers and familiar faces, wine, chocolate and socializing.

This was such a relaxing way to end a series of responsible days, kick back and go with the flow.

You never know what's going to happen on the canvas, and the element of surprise is what always entertains.

The paint will speak to you, will you listen?

A whole corner of a Universe lives in there... born in 60 minutes:)

I loved the variety of choices; all techniques were tried, and they came out as beautiful as the artists themselves♥

Check out our third workshop on Dec. 6th; it was a smashing hit too:

Kids making art

Let me know if you're thinking about private classes for your kids, family or group of friends.

Special accommodations available; I could even come and teach at your place- if you're local :)

Artwalk at the Doylestown Hospital

From December 2019- March 2020; Doylestown Hospital Artwalk will include four large Transcendental Fantasy original canvas works from your friendly neighborhood artist; go and check them out! You don't need to be illin', but if you are ( sending you healing vibes) I promise you will not feel the same after spending some time with them!

A special project

At last, a mural!

It was my very recent wish, one last mural before the year's done...

and the Universe listened!

It's the freshest thing, completed just yesterday, Dec. 12, 2019.

On a full moon.

You can read more about the Library Memorial mural here.

Looking to the future

While being fully present.

Taking a moment to breathe mindfully.

Always a good reminder😊

What a great thing art is, bringing people together, spending time, connecting, being creative and expressing their inner energy.

Whether it's bonding over a piece of art that stirs common emotion; or active participation and taking chances, making decisions and witnessing (non-judgmentally) what happens, art brings people together.

Builds community.

It is a common voice for whoever has a message.

So here's what's coming:

We're getting ready for something new, a Parent-Teen/Tween Flow Art Workshop!

A fun thing to do between Christmas/ Hanukah and New Year; one more chance to stir your creativity and inspiration for a fresh new cycle.

Speaking of New Beginnings, here's a heart-fueled event for ALL you art-lovers, that want to come and meet the team behind the Mural Dreams magic.

Come celebrate the winter holidays in color and style at Mural Dreams, for one last Open Show House to mark the end of 2019, and fuel your imagination to welcome the New Year with a fresh perspective.

On this celebratory day, you're welcome to come and wander through the house of Mural Dreams- at your own pace; you can take your time to absorb everything.

It's a party; feel free to bring anything to share if you'd like.

Read more and RSVP here.

Coming soon

Slow to come, but they are on the way!

Gift certificates for our Flow Art workshops; with a full-year monthly calendar of events for 2020!

Are you thinking of a private workshop, a team-building event; a custom canvas, or personalized mural to transform your space and your life?

Send me a message and let's talk!

Subscribe to my newsletter down below to get the latest from Mural Dreams, spread the word ( word of mouth is king!), Like us on Facebook, and follow on Instagram.

Hope to see you soon, my friend!



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