Tribute to Gaia

We are the gems of our Universe

I created this 36"/36" acrylic painting as a combination of Mother's Day, and

the upcoming Earth Day, on April 22. And... There's a story to it

How often do you think about how marvelous it is to live on a spaceship in space, where, for millions of miles around- as we know it, there is no other life form to be found? ⭐⭐⭐

Probably not enough...

The Flower of Life is a ubiquitous transcendental pattern that we have found only here, on our little private blue-green marble, so far.

There is so much beauty, diversity, and magic to be found on planet Earth!

The song of life is the alchemical formula that is of such ineffable nature, that not even are cleverest of scientists have figured out what makes Life come alive. This is the ever esoterical search for ourselves and our true nature.

But a picture or rather, a video, is worth more than words...

Do you have 15 minutes?

Please enjoy this most relaxing and contemplative creation video:

From my artistic "corner" of the world, I wish you a most extravagantly delicious Day on Earth, my fellow humans ️!

Much love, inspiration, and creativity

From my heart to yours

Laura P.S. the original artwork and canvas prints are to arrive in the Mural Dreams SHOP shortly.

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