Time is all we have

The Planet takes its toll...

It sacrifices a few, speeds things up in its favor- not hatefully, or selfishly, or cruelly, but as a consequence of events.

We tickle Mother Nature's nose- with pollution.

Material pollution, air & water pollution, noise pollution...

Mother will sneeze.

And the ones that can't hold on will get carried away; leaving the stronger ones to mourn and strive to get their old normal back, to tickle once again...

For a while.

It sucks to be you and me right now.

We have a name, a job, business, mouths to feed, bills to pay, needs to satisfy, lists of things to do. But...

Our planet doesn't know us by name, we could as well all be one nameless seed.

And right now, we're forced to let adapt our needs for a while.

To loosen up, to slow down.

To be still for a while.

Allow Her to catch her breath.

You see, we're not much different than a virus, trying to survive, to spread our seed, our message, to prey on a bigger surface, to gain ground...Or time?

It's time

Time to regroup, to recharge and recalculate.

Time to adapt.

We're also like a GPS device trying to get somewhere, and there's a tree blocking our way. We're detoured.

Now imagine the GPS saying: "I've failed..." Then we'd say: "It's a neurotic GPS" ...lol

The GPS doesn't stop; it adapts & takes a different route, it keeps moving.

Don't stop flowing

Movement is life. Stillness is death.

Keep moving, flowing, adapting.

Tune in to yourself and your most basic, primary needs. Every day. Recharge your batteries before charging others.

Right now, we're seeing how much the energy flows between us when we turn to each other and check in to see where we can spread our good energy. What we have to offer.

We each have something valuable to offer!

We are more than a meat bag, that needs material sustenance.

We need soul food, brain food, emotional food...these are essential; and they take time to tend to...

Feed your whole self

All that we ever have is Time.

When Time is over, all is over.

What am I going to do with my time?... I better do the things that call out to me, that compel me, that make me happy; when time is up, to be able to look back without much regret.

"Cause we're all gonna die

And we don't know when

What're you gonna do until then?"...

Change is painful...

But Self-exploration is essential

There will not be a Mural Dreams open house anytime soon, but we're adapting and bringing the house to you!

Join us LIVE on the Mural Dreams by Laura Facebook page, this Sunday, April 5, at 1:00 p.m., and we'll take you on a virtual tour of the painted house!

Also, the lucky winner for the giveaway will be picked at that time. Did you enter to win one of these two beautiful items?

A hand-painted treasure box or a desk calendar with Transcendental Fantasy artwork.

All you have to do is to 1. Tell me by phone, e-mail, Fb) saying which item you want;

2. Subscribe to my newsletter down below, if you haven't;

3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and

4. Invite one of your friends to like my Facebook page.

(I'm assuming you already did)- if you don't use Facebook, you can still enter by doing the first three.

I have a Challenge 4 U!

Also, in order to keep you-and me-making art, I have started a channel on my home page- 30 Days of Flow/Bite-sized doses of inspiration- a curated collection of things to look forward to every day, to break the routine, to start a new habit, or to learn a new skill. There will be instructional videos and prompts to surprise and bring some joy into your day.

It's still a work in progress, so any feedback on the ease of use would be greatly appreciated!

Stay well my friend, and as always...

Trust the flow,


P.S. Thank you for making it to the end, and if you just want to offer a one-time donation in any amount, that is also available- use the PayPal Donate button in the footer.

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