Let's Paint a Mural!

Hello, my friend!

It dawned on me...

Do you need someone to save you from your boring blank walls?

If you live in another corner of the world- I can't get there to save you the easy way, but I can take you- a complete beginner- step-by-step, on a mural-painting journey, where you will learn all the basics you need to know when painting your first mural.

You can either watch the video series that I am posting now during the month of November, in real-time or you can continue reading down below:

Tools and Supplies

Here are some of the tools and supplies needed when you paint your very first mural:


You can use a combination of low-VOC latex paint- that's the house paint that you buy from the home-improvement store, and it comes in various sheens.

I use a satin sheen because it's easy to clean up, and not too shiny.

In combination with that, I use acrylic artist's paints. Any brand works well, so feel free to experiment with the colors and brands that speak to you.

Liquitex Basics or Professional paints are what I started with, and I still use them frequently.

There are also specific acrylic mural paints that are lightfast- that means they do not fade easily, you can check them out here.

If you are not using Paint & Primer in 1, then you will need to prime your surface prior to painting, to improve adhesion.

The advantage of water-based paints over oil or enamel paints is that:

-they dry quickly, and they are low-toxicity compared to oil paints

-they come in various finishes

-they are durable

-they are washable

-they are resistant to fungus & mildew

-they are elastic& crack-resistant

You might need a paint can opener, to make opening the latex cans easy.


The right tool for the right job makes painting much easier and faster.

A wide variety of fine art brushes, standard brushes, and rollers are needed when painting a mural.

You can also use sponges and rags to make different textures on the wall.

Rags are also a must to have around, for wiping brushes and cleaning up inevitable spills.

Alcohol is great to clean up a paint stains in a pinch.

3. Plastic cups or containers

Use smaller containers for mixing different colors of paint, and you can either use a container with a lid or a tray- like a meat tray, that you can slip in a Ziploc bag to prevent the paint from drying.

4. Water bucket

Keep your brushes from drying out, and also for keeping the paint flowing and blending easily, in a water bucket. I cleaned up a 1-gallon paint container, and that's what I use for a water bucket.

5. Paint additives

These are completely optional, but they help the paint blend, and stay wet longer on the wall, thus allowing you more time to work wet-on-wet smooth blending.

You can either use Floetrol, or the Liquitex Flow-aid, or retarder

6. Rags, paper towels

To wipe your brushes, and cleaning up spills.

7. Drop cloth

A drop cloth is a MUST if you're planning to paint your walls or ceiling. Because paint drops and spills WILL happen, and it's best to prevent them than to clean them up.

8. Painter's tape

Painter's tape is useful to tape the neighboring walls or molding to make sure you don't get paint where you don't intend to.

9. Ladder/Step-stool

If you need to paint on a high wall, you might need a ladder, a step stool, or even scaffolding, if the wall is really high and a ladder won't reach.

10. Pencil/chalk

To transfer your preliminary sketch on the wall, you'll need to sketch it on the wall first, so for that, you will need a pencil or chalk.

The most important ingredient

Just remember: YOU can DO IT!

Have CONFIDENCE, and don't be afraid.

After all, it's only paint.

* Sorry, I don't have a link to confidence. You already have it inside!

See part 2 of the series here:


If you want to see the sketching process, and the next fantasy cosmic mural that I am about to paint, Subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so you don't miss out on the next videos.

Trust the Flow, and

Awaken the Artist within, my friend!



P.S. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you buy something, I make a small commission, at no cost to you.

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