It's Officially Exterior Mural Season!

It's become a habit...

Every morning, I wake up to the melodious sounds of chirping birds...

The morning dew looks so magical on the grass and those cool hydrophobic plants; it bathes the very ground, the support under my feet, with the brilliant & transient gems of the early day...

Yes, it tends to be a bit humid, some might argue, but let's look on the bright side, shall we?

It's exterior mural season y'all!

And it's already started!

The Hand has already warmed up with a "Quiet Serenity", a senior community mural that was born but this week, on a sunny Monday.

Check out the making of here.

Yes, I finally did it!

Crossed from my list is this one item, that has been there for at least a couple of years, and in fact- it's how this whole garage door mural thing started.

I wanted to paint a quick and easy mural -completely uncomplicated-

that I can whip up in a day...

And so, Pumpkins in a Crystal Cave was born:

Well, I certainly did not succeed -time frame-wise- as I added more and more details- as it was my own garage door- and there was no one to keep me from detailing it to my heart's content. muahaha...

5 days later... it was done! Yes, it looked cool, so much better than what I had in mind when I thought of the concept, but it took way longer than I had planned.

Which wasn't a tragedy... time -I have.

The second garage door mural was also detailed, and the third, and the fourth....

I just can't stop adding details!

And then, last summer, I had the wonderful chance to decorate Linda & Doug's exterior wall, which also took about 6 days, but it was totally worth it, wouldn't you agree?

Check out the making of here:

But let us get back to earlier this week... I finally did it. A one-day mural.

NOW do you understand my sense of accomplishment?

And if you don't, it's ok...I'll try to impress you next time! :D

Check out the YouTube video - it's a small explanatory tutorial on how it was made, and how YOU can paint such a simple design.

Or you can read a little more about it here, in the Gallery page.


If YOU're thinking about having a custom-made just for you- exterior mural painted in on your outdoor space, and make your neighbors jealous, you can contact me to get a free estimate.

There are multiple price options- depending on the level of detail, AND different payment options also.

So send me a message with all the info that you can provide- like the size of the space to be painted, subject theme, level of complexity, and we can take it from there!

Or, if you prefer to speak directly and avoid typing, you can find my phone number down in the footer.


If you're enjoying these mural time-lapses, and art videos, and want to be notified when I post new ones, please go to my YouTube channel and Subscribe, and hit the notification bell to get the latest vids.

And, if you have a friend that might get a kick out of them, have him jump into the Dream team! The more the merrier :D

I'm working out some exciting giveaways coming soon, so stay posted!


Just a reminder- have you joined our weekly Live Flow Art Demo on my Facebook page- yet? It's my favorite time of the week: it's a great opportunity to connect, while I share with you how easy and relaxing it is when you let yourself be creative, take some time to nurture your inner artist, and truly

Trust the Flow

Much love,


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