Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Romance Day!

Being loved, and appreciated, and complimented...it feels so good, being loved is the best feeling in the world, a sense of completion and ultimate elation!

When someone holds you as their object of attention, you feel blissful, complete, euphoric.

The hot flames of young love are delicious, intense and so satisfying...but we all know ...they burn fast, give it a year or two.

Then, what’s left, if you’re blessed with a decent person and a good relationship, is respect, appreciation, and compassion.

Holy Solitude

I’ve always felt this, since early in my childhood- perhaps because I’m an only child, but I’ve always had this holy Solitude feeling, the sense that I am always there wherever I go.

This sense that I am my one and only partner, from the beginning to the end - is not a lonely feeling at all, it’s rather empowering, the feeling that no one could ever be for me what I AM for me.

Now, that is not to say that it’s not wonderful to have relationships with others, that is what makes life more fun, and colorful, and sometimes chaotic…

But the foundation of all relationships is the one that you have with yourself, and it’s an interesting fact that sometimes we neglect to see that.

We expect others to respect and love us, but do we respect and love ourselves?

The sad truth is that sometimes we tell ourselves things that we wouldn’t want somebody else to say to us.

We’d feel offended and hurt.

I read once that you should never say anything bad about yourself, because the warrior inside you hears the words, and is lessened by them.

So I’m always on the lookout for how my words and thoughts make me feel, and what thoughts I allow to take root in my repertoire of affirmations in my mind or in conversation with others.

If I give myself the respect and love, I don’t need it so much from others, I don’t feel like I’m lacking and needing that validation.


Everyone’s talking about self-love nowadays, and it can seem like the newest trend, since kale.

But you know, it’s just going back to the basics.

Trusting yourself, trusting the Universe, and that inner guidance system that we were all endowed with when we embarked on this life adventure.

That’s self-love.

Trusting that you can make the right decision, that you have the capacity to receive good ideas, that you're quite taken care of.

That’s such a good feeling, that is available to you right now, no intermediary person needed.

I truly believe that we are all the same substance inside, and we all have direct access to infinite love, and intuition, and connection to that Source of energy, the Good Orderly Direction of Flow.

So, doesn’t it make more sense to reach for that inner love, for self-respect, and trust?

That doesn’t have to look necessarily like candles, a hot bath, pampering, time away from people, but it might.

It’s paying attention to the way you talk to yourself, to the thoughts that you allow to linger in your mind, to the way you allow other people to treat you, to the way you see yourself.

Life would be tragic if it weren’t so funny

Above all, don’t take it all so seriously.

Love is light, not heavy.

Love is forgiveness, and allowance, and compassion, humor, and trust.

Laugh at yourself more, have more fun with yourself, be more self-reliant.

I love you so much, and I am so appreciative of your time and attention.

And since you stayed until the end, I want to give you a gift- a screensaver with the HI-res image of the art of the day., get yours here.

From my heart to yours, have a LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day!

<3 LOVE <3,


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