Catch That Fish!

Happy Thursday, my dear artist!

Have you ever seen a fortune-telling fish?

You've surely had a fortune cookie at the end of a Chinese meal, an astrological prediction, an 11:11 serendipity, or a Yogi Tea wisdom.

I personally, love the little fortune, and I welcome that auspicious sign, the little confirmation of future success, or some good-luck coming soon, the promise of prosperity-give me that goodie-, or simply an elevating, or inspiring message to uplift me in my day.

Am I alone in this?

I think not.

Furthermore, in a more concrete and everyday way, too often we need validation from our people, the gratification of being appreciated, and valued, and the feeling of having a purpose in the world, in this life.

It's a human need that absolutely needs to be fulfilled, and a hunger to be fed every single day.

But we usually search for a sign outside of ourselves.

But that is giving our power away.

It's all in the mind

"Your mind is the control tower of your life"

To be free- which is what most people secretly seek- you must reclaim your mind from the scattered places where you let it wander every day: mass-media, social media, well-meaning friends and family, the Internet, gurus, teachers and other authoritative figures, even fortune tellers, fortune cookies, or magic fish!

Do you think that someone else holds the answer to the biggest questions that you seek?


What even IS your question?

Is it- "What will the future hold for me ?"

Or is it: "Who am I?", or "What is the purpose of life?"

These are some of the biggest questions and thoughts, and as David Linch introduced his fun little book " Catching the Big fish", ideas and thoughts are like fish.

"If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper.

Everything, anything that is a thing comes up from the deepest level. Modern physics call that level the Unified Field.

The more your consciousness- your awareness- is expanded, the deeper you go toward this source, and the bigger the fish you can catch."

You see, if you have a question, you have a dream.

But most importantly, in order to fulfill your dream, you have to know what you want, and every day, work toward that goal.

Feel that hunger for personal development, let it wake you up in the morning, let it fuel all your doubts and fears, regardless of the obstacles, worries, memories of past so-called "failures", and other people's opinions.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza explained,

"If you're not being defined by a vision of the future, then you're left with the old memories of the past and you'll be predictable in your life.

And if you wake up in the morning and you're not being defined by a vision in the future, (...) it's no longer that your personality is creating your personal reality, now your personal reality is affecting or creating our personality.

When we're on autopilot, we need the outer world to feel something.

To change that - is to be greater than your environment, than the conditions in your world, and the environment is seductive..."

Meditate & Re-claim your mind

Let's sit down, let's close our eyes, let's disconnect from the outer environment.

Just for 10-15 minutes every morning and evening.

See what happens.

Be disciplined in this one thing, and you'll find more and more things to be disciplined and aware of in your day.

"When the body is no longer the mind, when it finally surrenders, there's a liberation of energy.

We go from particle to wave, from matter to energy, and we free ourselves from the chains and those emotions that keep us in the familiar past." Joe Dispenza

In order to catch the big fish, you have to STOP. And look within.

The real victory does not happen all of a sudden, in the accolades, in the prize at the end of the journey.

The battle is won every single day that we fight for it, every single grind, every moment of awareness and wakefulness.

So what DOES the future hold?

Only what you cultivate today.

Are you cultivating awareness today?

Patience? Inner peace?

The feeling of inner wealth?

What are the things that you aspire to, what are your goals, your values, passions, your idea of what a good life should be?

Who are YOU?

What is the role you want to play?

There is nothing in life that is hidden from man, when man is not intoxicated with the sparkly show of lights on the screen of his own life.

So stand up, my brave friend- and be courageous in your dreams.

Fortune favors the brave.

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In other news,

We have a full weekend of paint pouring at the Studio, so come, all of you

Halloween & art lovers, old and young!

***Friday: Spooktober -Adult- Flow Art Workshop #2 (Sip & Pour setting, BYOB)

6:30p.m.-9 p.m.

Just a couple of tickets left, book yours HERE.


***Saturday: Kids' "Spooktober" Flow Art Workshop


Just a couple of seats left, get one for your child HERE.

Satisfying videos!

Or, if you just want to satisfy your eyes with a video from the comfort of your own hammock, or couch, here's a compilation that you can enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please leave me a comment, I would love to hear how introspection and meditation are impacting your life!

Until next time, my dear friend,

Trust the Flow

Take a moment to find yourself.

Discover that your potential Self is infinite.

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