Affirmations for a Creative New Year!

Happy New Year!

Cheers to a healthy, enlightening, joyous, and abundant 2021!

It's always with a feeling of fresh new beginnings that we cross over the tail of the old year and into a broad horizon of infinite possibilities, newfound clarity of life, and perhaps, some focus towards your long-term, and short-term goals for this year, 5 years, and next decade.

My intention for this year is to hone in on a holistic approach to my art, with a stronger inclination towards wellness, meditation, dreaming, and creativity, and the wondrous interplay between these magnificent subjects.

So I am starting the New Year with an offering for you.

A gift of inspiration, positivity, and empowerment, that are directed towards the creator inside you.

Yes, there is an Artist inside you, that loves to come out and play, and infuse your life with truth, insight, and beauty.

So that you can feel the deliciousness of this life unfolding... by letting it reveal to you the deep connection to Source, that always gives you what you need, in its own time... if you trust it.

So, without further ado, I want to share with you some powerful affirmations that, when said out loud, or written and repeated daily, will become a solid truth in your life, inviting even more creativity, connection, and beauty.

Why Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are very powerful because they release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety.

When these affirmations are repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

With your words, your thoughts are affected, and

when the words and thoughts are in harmony then they change your life and your reality.

When you start speaking these affirmations, in the beginning, your mind will not believe them but as you keep on repeating them day after day, they will become a part of your subconscious mind and then the mind will start believing what you say.

Eventually, these positive affirmations will become a part of your life and will change your life forever.

Your words carry tremendous power.

There is nothing more practical or productive that you could do than let yourself daydream.

When you start speaking positive words to yourself, your life will be transformed.

Put this magical truth to work in your life and enjoy the results.

Affirmations for Creativity

1. Creativity flows through each cell of my body.

2. I am aware of all that surrounds me, in all its manifested beauty, magnificence, and diversity.

3. I create my own reality.

4. I’m so happy and grateful now that the new year brings more dreams, new adventures, new inspirations, so I can live my best life.

5. I am happy with where I am in my artistic journey.

6. I am gifted with great creativity and innate intelligence.

7. I am learning every day to allow the space where I am and where I want to be to inspire me, and not terrify me.

8. It is safe to open myself to greater and greater creativity.

9. I love being a channel through which infinite, Sacred truth and beauty can emerge.

10.I am a deliberate creator.

11. Everything I require is already inside me.

12. I create my life on a quantum level. There are endless opportunities.

13. I am enough.

14. I embrace the rhythm of life and let it unfold.

15. I focus on action to create the life I want. The smallest step can end years of stagnation.

16. I know my intuition will always take me in the right direction.

17. I love the creative energy that flows through me.

18. I don’t live for things, I live for a spiritual purpose.

19. I am awakened to the flow of divine inspiration as it connects with the wisdom of my inner being.

20. I'm always noticing the artistic side of life.

21. The artist is already present within me

22. I am infinitely creative and inspired.

23. I am an unlimited creative being.

24. I direct my creative talents toward music, art, dance, writing, anything that gives me pleasure.

25. I am in flow with every particle of the Universe.

26. I easily express what Divine intelligence designed for me to share.

27. In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.

28. My world is beautiful, peaceful, and fun.

29. As I allow more creativity to flow through me, my life becomes a work of art.

30. My artist brain is my creative, holistic brain.

31. My dreams matter

Listen or read to these affirmations every day, and witness how they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel, where I will use these affirmations, alongside others, in a meditation video form, so that you can find it easy to listen to these transformative words while you're on the go, or doing other meditative tasks- washing dishes, folding clothes, etc.

The video will come out this Friday, so Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, and turn on notifications to not miss it!

All the love in the world


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