Dear Adriene Mishler/ Cosmic Yoga

You have been my loyal Yoga teacher for over a year and a half, and this one's for you.

One warm, sunny summer morning I took my dog out to tend to his natural needs, breathed in the crisp air and, arms outstretched, stroke a couple of poses. Dancer pose. Thought of you.

Then went inside and, feeling quite thirsty, grabbed a glass of water.

Of my Solar System glass set, I picked the Earth cup. The prettiest of the bunch- blue, brown, green, white, vibrant and full of life.

Then had this great idea for a painting.

Well, this is the end result.

You are a great inspiration, and although I may be reiterating when I say: Thank you! You phenomenal woman you! I have started most of my days with your empowering, uplifting, refreshing videos , for nearly 2 years now.

So grateful for finding you; we are indeed interconnected, and I totally feel the love every time! Stay amazing, and I'll see you in the morning !

Much love,


PS: Please LOVE and SHARE this with the Universe!

#everythingisasitshouldbe #theUniverseisformeandsoiseverythingelse

Oh, did I forget to mention that it glows in the black light?

see it in my SHOP

It Glows!

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