Tribute to Dandelions

Nothing like a cold, refreshing morning superfood smoothie to start my day. And when that superfood is free? And as fresh as it can get? It don't get better than that!

In everybody's yard, there lives a plant that nourishes the body inside and out, and can replace expensive (who knows when picked and how long kept in transport) store-bought greens. Now some people call this a weed, and even try to eradicate it! In favor for grass... ( sad face)

I pick my dandelion greens just before I use them, to get the most antioxidants and vitamins, and am lucky enough to have an unsprayed yard. If your lawn is sprayed with pesticides, I don't recommend using them. They do sell them at the supermarket, but that kinda defeats the purpose of free, as-fresh-as-it-gets food.

The majestic, resilient, beautiful, delicious, versatile, and valuable dandelion!

At my house, we celebrate every spring with dandelion flower cookies ( more about that in another post), have dandelion-greens smoothies in summer, and dandelion-root tea detox all year-round. Heavenly!

Well anyway, today's post is about how to use dandelion greens to make a delicious, nutritious, morning (noon or night) smoothie.

These are the ingredients that I prefer, but you can replace any nut butter, or omit that altogether, and use a berry powder instead of cocoa. Or just berries.

Dandelion greens smoothie ( Ninja smoothie)


- 1 ripe banana, or you can use frozen

-1 handful of dandelion greens, washed and chopped

-1 tbsp nut butter of your choice( I used some peanut and some tahini, for experimenting- it came out good)

-1 tbsp ground flaxseed

-2 tsp. cacao powder

-8 drops stevia, or 1 tbsp honey -optional

-plant milk of your choice, or just water


I also love dropping some cacao nibs in there for a crunch, and sometimes I use some protein powder, or supergreens powder. They would add nutrition, sweetness and flavor. But it's not that necessary.

If you're not a chocolate pb lover( I don't know if we can be friends), you can use berries, or one of my favorite flavors is grapefruit-kiwi. So cleansing and refreshing!

Experiment, enjoy, and leave me a comment!

Have a dandy summer!



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