Mercury can suck it

Capoeira magic

My heart is full , my cup runneth over with the ineffable magic that took place at the 8th annual Batizado on the dreamy, green hills of the Capoeira Morro Verde farm.

Incredibly talented people reunited to charge their body, mind and spirit with the spellbinding energy that is so much more powerful when shared and received freely and generously. Breaking the boundaries of titles and age, old and young alike learned and shared a unique flavor of our take on this unique experience-that is life.

My heart and mind are filled with smiley emotions and wise words, my body recharged and alive; and it's all spilling over, so I present you with some reflections that linger around this spirit:

Revivified bits of wisdom

"Whatever the question, Love is the answer."

"We are all human and we make mistkes."

"Nourish your soul so that you may have enough love to nourish others =first take care of yourself"

"Ofttimes, we criticize and tend to compare ourselves with others. But it is your teacher that truly sees the value, growth and potential in you. Ultimately, it is the only essential thing." *

"You must be formless, shapeless, like water. When you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. BE WATER, MY FRIEND. "

"The good master teaches generously and withholds nothing from his student ; so that his student will become greater than he is."

"It's easy to achieve, but to keep what you attain is the difficult thing."

"It is easier to be strong than it is to relax and let go"

"Take advantage of adversity, and accept its challenge to be stronger, to live at the edge of their comfort zone, as that's where growth happens"

"Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong."

"Respect other people's time, as it's the most valuable thing one has."

"Wholeheartedly accept the too-generous gift, as it's purpose is to empower you to deserve it."

A title is but a word- a mere vibration in the wind; and a string of braided yarn, items basically free and available to anyone; but the intention, the meaning, the symbol behind these can unshackle our mind to reach and cross our illusory limits.

A fearless leader- Gata Brava

Much love, we are so thankful to have you in our lives.

Ultimately, everyone I meet, and all the conjunctures in my life are the reason that I am me.

"I am because we are"

And, for good measure, I'll throw in an inspiring verse from one of my favorite songs, that keeps me going when the going gets tough:

"Everything that I've ever done wrong is the reason that I'm driven."

I did change it a bit, but if you know the song, please leave me a comment!

So this weekend was absolutely electrifying, and to top it all off, I had the exciting opportunity to share my paintings with such cool people, my friends, my family. I feel supported, appreciated, and am elated to contribute and inspire others just as I am inspired.

Thank you all for your compliments, feedback, and business, it was the cherry on top!

NEW ON THE BLOG: a SHOP that you can visit and purchase ready-made art. Otherwise, leave me a message to request custom artwork!

The shop is still in construction, so visit often, as I will be gradually posting new pieces .

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Until next time my friends,


*The teacher here can be substituted with the person in your life that you care about, and that cares about you- the most. All others are mere noise.

**"The term axé (also spelled aché or ashé – all pronounced ah-SHEH) comes from the Yoruba peoples of Western Africa. It is the name they gave to the life force; the concept is similar to the Eastern idea of qi. In capoeira today, axé has come to mean something like “energy.” If a roda has a lot of axé, it means it has good vibes, powerful energy. Some groups use the word as a greeting."

PS: As some of you astrological and star believers may know, around this period, (because of Mercury AND Mars in retrograde, on top of that total "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse that we had over the weekend); one is ill-advised to start any new projects, finalize contracts, and communication is ostensibly corrupted by misunderstandings... and yet, I followed my instinct (rebel me!) in sharing my paintings, and speaking my heart and soul, and what do you know: I followed my heart and it all worked out!

And that's why: Mercury can suck it!

PPS: I'm speaking of course in jest, as Mercury can't actually suck anything...It's a hot&slow planet, the smallest in our Solar System and closest to the Sun; that likes to keep things simple- no moons in orbit. A rocky, grey world pocked with craters, it only has 2 sunrises every Earth year.

It is named for the Roman god Mercury, the messenger to the gods – most likely related to the orbiting speed of the planet.

You can earn more about Mercury here.

PPPS: just kidding

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