The Geometry of Consciousness

The Invisible Architecture of Creation

Geometry is a Greek word that literally means "measurement of the earth", and before it was committed to paper, it was mainly concerned with surveying the land.

Euclid (325-265 BC) was the first to elaborate on the axioms and theorems of this fascinating subject.

What Euclid wrote in Elements on plane geometry is still completely valid and has not been superseded even after 2000 years.

Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space.

It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that the moves and concepts involved are regarded as having symbolic value, and thus, like good music, facilitate the evolution of the soul.”

Miranda Lundy

All consciousness is solely based on sacred geometry; it is the blueprint of all things from the beginning of time.

The geometry of creation is not overly evident, one can only learn to perceive and appreciate it through training the eyes and guiding the mind to perceive what is ordinarily hidden.

This hidden order inspired generations of artists, builders, researchers, designers , from the dawn of recorded history, to the present day: from Iron Age megalithic rings, through ancient Greek and Egyptian temples and pyramids, and Renaissance cathedrals to the latest modern organic constructions.

The Pattern of Creation

In both science and religion, creation is often discussed from a perspective of having a definite beginning.

In science, it is called the Big Bang:

13,7 unfathomable billion years ago, when there was no space or time, it all started with a minuscule, dense, hot, bundle of energy- a trillion times smaller than a pinhead.

At once, it expanded faster than the speed of light, growing to the size of a galaxy and so, the Universe erupted , unleashing an unbelievable amount of energy.

It was so hot and pressurized, that all the basic forces of nature we know today were unified; everything that will ever exist , the energy that powers all the stars- was created in less than a second ...

The Book of Genesis describes the creation of the world as a narrative. The story suggests that God created the Earth in 6 days.

On the first day, “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said “Let there be light ; God divided the light from the darkness”.

Then on the sixth day “God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind.”

The Book of Genesis is not a chemistry book outlining how to create the universe from scratch but rather a metaphorical narrative written in an attempt to explain this absolutely magnificent and nearly unexplainable event in a way that would be familiar and graspable for the human reader.

Other translations of Genesis begin with “In the beginning there were six”. This idea of 6 movements of creation is shared by another esoteric belief system.

Looking at the common grounds between the two theories, it is plain to see that they agree on fundamental points:

Unity is the source of everything, and everything comes from it; expansion, and the power of light in creation.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life was known around the world since ancient times.

It was found in Ireland, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, China, Greece, Germany, India, Iceland, England, Tibet, Japan, Sweden, Lapland, ... pretty much everywhere; it is a symbol of growth, expansion, and knowledge.

The Seed of Life

Imagine a single point of consciousness, or Spirit, floating in an infinite void.

Suddenly, Spirit wakes up and decides to do something, so expands its consciousness all around itself , creating a sphere around itself.

This is the first circle in the Flower of Life.

Having an awareness of what's around itself in 360 degrees, it moves to the very edge of the sphere and repeats what it did the first time, creating the Vesica Piscis.

Because the Vesica Piscis is created by crossing two circles, it became a symbol of the union of opposites like heaven and earth, male and female, and spirit and matter.

Within it, there is a plethora of information about width, proportion, depth, also, the square roots of 2, 3 and 5, which are all infinite numbers, and information about the geometry of light.

Next , it moves to the intersection of the first 2 circles, creating another circle, and it repeats the pattern until it is complete; every time it moves, it acquires more and more knowledge .

The first image is The Seed of Life, or The Genesis Pattern, as each movement of the spheres corresponds to a day in Creation.

The Egg of Life

The second image beyond genesis in the Flower of life is the Egg of life; formed during the second vortex motion.

This is the very morphogenic structure that created your body; physical existence in its entirety is dependent on the egg of life structure.

The Fruit of Life

The Fruit of Life is said to be one of the most sacred symbols known to man. It is believed that out of this symbol came the entire Universe.

It’s the loom that wove reality, the cosmic drawing board.

The space where God imagined the universe.

The “Fruit of Life” is literally the 3D modeling space for every shape known to man.

Metatron's Cube

If we connect the centers of each sphere of the Fruit of Life , the result is an image known throughout the world as Metatron's Cube - one of the most important informational systems in the Universe and one of the basic creation patterns in existence.

Inside it, we find the Platonic Solids, the building blocks of matter.

The Platonic Solids

Plato (427-347 BC.) believed that all things grew from forms, simple 3-D geometry and immutable patterns that shape the backbone of reality.

His mystical ideas about the physical importance of simple forms and numbers are now being confirmed by scientists who have discovered essentially simple formulae, such as the structure of the DNA, and the pattern of leaf growth in plants.

Repeating patterns and forms in nature, such as the helix and logarithmic spiral, the geometry of plant growth and the fractal, are products of the internal geometry of growth.

There are 5 unique shapes in the Universe, and they are crucial to understanding both regular and sacred geometry.

They are called the Platonic solids and by definition, they have certain characteristics:

-all of its faces are the same size

-all of its edges are the same length,

-there is only 1 angle throughout the entire shape

-all points touch the edge of a sphere perfectly.

This knowledge is where alchemy came from, the ancient alchemists considered each shape to have an elemental aspect to it:

The Tetrahedron was considered Fire, the Cube = Earth, the Octahedron = Air, the Icosahedron = Water, and the Dodecahedron = Ether ( Prana; Tachyon Energy).

The Dodecahedron is near the outer edge of our energy field and it's the highest form of consciousness.

Plato described the Dodecahedron as the shape, "... God used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven".

Aristotle added a fifth element, “Ether” and postulated that the heavens were made of this element.

The Dodecahedron represents the aspects of the Universe (Divine Creation) and is connected with the higher Chakras (6th, 7th and above), which hold the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening, higher consciousness and Spiritual Ascension.

The Torus

The Torus represents the energy flow of all life forms, atoms, and all cosmic bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies.

It is an image of the ever expanding and contracting energy of the contained universe , as well as our own electromagnetic energy field that our bodies and heart (with its seven muscles that form a torus) produce.

It is a primary shape in existence.

Since ancient times, ‘seers’ have confirmed that the human aura appears as a series of nested spherical torus formations.

One of the energy patterns around the body is in the shape of a torus, with the energy flowing through the body and looping around to connect in at the feet and the head. The flow in through the feet and the head is bi-directional.

The energy of a torus is rotating up and down and horizontally, but always in a circular fashion. Actually, the energy is travelling along the surface of the torus, through the torus and inside the torus in a spiraling fashion.


Merely reading about sacred geometry is helpful, but as an experiential phenomenon, it is much more powerful and inspiring.

I hereby encourage you to take the implements of the ancient geometrician's craft, the straight edge and the compass, and duplicate, using these two instruments only, the whole process of creation from an undifferentiated unity, to the whole realm of creation.

Sacred geometry starts with something as simple as a point, a line, and a circle, but through the combination of these fundamental forms, there is an infinite variety of forms that can emerge, and reflect all the patterns of creation.

An old Masonic lecture from several centuries ago states:

“If we consider the symmetry and order which govern all the works of creation, we must admit that geometry pervades the Universe…By geometry we may curiously trace nature through her various windings to her most concealed recesses; by it we discover how the planets move in their respective orbits and demonstrate their various revolutions; by it we account for the return of the seasons and the variety of the scenes which each season displays to the discerning eye……By it we discover the power, wisdom and goodness of the Grand Artificer of the Universe and view with delight the proportions which connect the vast machine…”

Happy creating,


Inspiration mainly from Stephen Skinner's book, "Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code"

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