ymbolic, one of a kind, original acrylic painting ; 48"/36" on a gallery-wrapped canvas.
A Yin Yang of light and dark, day and night, spontaneous and contrived.
The deep velvet of night- with its stars, constellations, galaxies- hosts a Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life above a dancing unicorn; deeply interconnected with the bright, cheerful colors of day. An otherworldly realm where gears populate the sky alongside soft clouds, and a little dainty dame is savoring a cup of tea.
Images of dandelions, another unicorn, an all-feeling heart and an all-seeing eye -frame this dreamy scene, in the middle of which dwells the meditating dragon, a liquid entity- the Mind that dreams it all. He is part and parcel of everything around him, everything IS him. Or her.
The Mandelbrot set at the center is a symbol of infinity, impermanence and yet eternity. Ever shifting, never still.
Do not look for the form, seek the patterning.

Sealed with generous coats of satin varnish.

Everything is interconnected 36"/48" acrylic painting

SKU: TF001
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