Linda Wants Color

            Exterior custom mural

Here I am, thankful to make a positive contribution in this world and close community, plant a smile, and set a dreamy mood in our hurried culture.

See the highlights from the making of it HERE.

                                        THE SOUND OF WATER... 

   ...was present the entire time I painted this mural, flowing serenely from the water fountain. 

    I couldn't have asked for better weather, company, state of mind or body. 

    This is a 7'/9' exterior mural, on a concrete wall. Original, custom art, based on the following basic features:

  You are looking out from an archway of a room that is flanked with plants- to a colorful tropical scene, with perhaps water, palm trees, and a toucan.  

                                                 Let's see if I got that right:



Click on the images below for a closer look.

   Thank you Doug & Linda for helping me make a living doing what I love! 

    Your help is appreciated.


  I would love to hear your questions, comments or suggestions.

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Until next time- 

Green vibes and much love,


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Pipersville, PA


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