Chestnut Hill  

   Escape Room Mural

Commission inspired by an original story from Jack Dugan, the creator of the Chestnut Hill Escape Room:

The Whole Story

​This mural dream is a fruitful collaboration of 2  brilliant minds:

the (award-winning) Doylestown Escape Room creator-who brings you the fantastic story, while cleverly testing your perspicacity and brainpower ; and visionary mind working the skilled hand of-yours truly.

   First leisurely contemplated upon, then sketched, this thrilling mural took 4 days to paint. 

  Now, without further ado, please enjoy the story and detailed photos:


   Rise and Fall of the Witch  

In 1507, Ezra Greystone was born. As kind as she was beautiful, Ezra was loved by all.

   Her deeds of charity were known all through England.

​  One day, while wandering through her beloved forest, Ezra stumbled upon a mysterious tree. Like nothing she had seen before, the tree had veins of gold wrapping through its trunk and branches. Captivated and curious, Ezra broke off a single stick and used a sharp rock to fashion it into a tiny staff to be a gift for her beloved little brother William.


A Magical Tree

  Before Ezra even left the woods that day, she realized that this stick was no ordinary trinket. This mysterious tree had gifted her a wand of legendary power that with a single wave, could impose her will on the world around her. Ezra named it the “Whither Wand”, as she found the tree on Whither Hill.




 Ezra quickly began using the wand for good all around the kingdom. Her power brought 10 years of unmatched prosperity to her people. She quickly rose to power as Queen and was known as “The Flower Queen”.



As years passed and Ezra became older, her vanity grew. She became more secluded and began to shift her focus from her people to her own quest for immortality and glory. The kingdom began to crumble and fall into darkness. The good people of the kingdom had no choice but to rise against Ezra while they still could.

Fall from grace_Uprising

 Feeling betrayed and enraged, Ezra used the Whither Wand to lash out at the people with fire and famine, pushing the kingdom to the brink of extinction. Finally, her youngest brother William rose up against her. Ezra was twisted in mind, body, and spirit. A shell of herself, literally turning to stone…


   Ezra could not defeat William and he mercifully ended her with his sword.

  The Greystone name tarnished and Greystone Abbey in ruins… William made a pact with his people and the crown known as “The Greystone Oath".

Ezra's end


     I feel honored and grateful for this opportunity and hope to delight and inspire numerous adventure-seekers.


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